Entity Formation / Dissolution

AP Tax Solutions LLC is not just a fill-out-the-form-outfit. Taxes are one of the most important elements to consider when deciding what type of business entity to form and how to meet your tax obligations accurately and timely. Before we open an entity for you, your price will include a free tax consultation[1] from a competent tax adviser.

NYS Corporation

   Level of Service:

  • Standard:     3-5 days — $320 + State Filing Fees
  • Expedited:   Same Day (an additional $50 fee will apply)
  • S-Corp:       $225 (Federal & State Election)

Nonprofit Corporation

We’ll help you with non-profit incorporation, including with the required IRS language and with the preparation and/or filing of the federal 501(c)(3) tax exemption application with the IRS and NYS and comply with NYS registration requirements.    

Level of Service:

  • Standard Nonprofit Incorporation: ($350 + State Filing Fees)  
  • Federal/NYS Non-Profit Election & NYS Registration: ($1150 + IRS Filing Fees)

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Preparation and filing of NYS Limited Liability Company organization and the appropriate federal classification form: $450 + State Filing Fees, Excluding Publication Fees

  • Single Member: Disregarded as a Separate Entity
  • Two Members: Partnership
  • Election: C Corp or S Corp


Incorporation with the required IRS language: $550 + State Filing Fees

IRS Group Exemption Letter: Price varies according to the number of subordinates.

Domestic EIN = $80.00                 International EIN: $500

DISSOLUTION: Contact us to discuss required steps & appropriate fees.

All entity formations will include a personalized, complete outfit kit, Book/Seal and the appropriate Employer Identification Number (EIN)


[1] This consultation is not intended to be a legal one. For a legal consultation, please consult with an attorney.


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